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The ring had sentimental value to the victim, Avon and Somerset Police said.
The ring had sentimental value to the victim, Avon and Somerset Police said.


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August 2019
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One of the vetoes Governor Mike Dunleavy made, again, when he signed the operating budget on Monday was a cut worth $48,910,300 for reimbursing school bond debt. For many cities, towns and boroughs, that means taking on that cost in their own local budgets.

One place they may look to close gaps: property tax rolls.

The governor’s veto halved the amount of money the state will reimburse for school bond debt. The way the program has long worked is that for parts of Alaska with a...


COLORADO SPRINGS — The initial headquarters for the Pentagon’s new Space Command will be at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, a congressman said Wednesday.

The command will officially start operations next month at the base in Colorado Springs, said Rep. Doug Lamborn, a Colorado Republican.

The Defense Department has not yet announced the command’s permanent home.

President Donald Trump formally launched Space Command in December. The goal is to improve the organization of U.S. military space operations and accelerate technical developments.

It was established amid growing concerns that China and Russia...

The Office of Media Relations is functioning in an on-call capacity from 3:30 p.m. today through 7:00 a.m tomorrow. If you have any media related inquiries during that time, please dial 508-820-2121. Massachusetts State PoliceOffice of Media Relations470 Worcester RoadFramingham, MA508-820-2623

So recently I have had the pleasure of working with Mikey Jay on his production’ “Keys and Cuffs” that his Aigne Film Group is producing and also written by Mikey. Mikey tells me this is his 3rd feature film and has many more in the works. Before “Keys and Cuffs” the group shot “Time Matters” and “Color Blind”. He enjoys seeing his words come to life. His film group has quite a few projects in…

DU QUOIN, IL - The Du Quoin State Fair along with Governor JB Pritzker, announced Olympic Gold Medal winner and East St. Louis native Jackie Joyner-Kersee will serve as the Grand Marshal for the Du Quoin State Fair Parade.
AUGUSTA - The Maine Division of Elections is responding to complaints about a recent voter registration outreach mailing that is being sent to Maine households by an independent organization.

"Our office has received numerous complaints from relatives of deceased voters who have received mailings," said Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, and we want to assure the public that our office is not involved in this effort.

The mailing is being sent by an organization called Vote Forward, a volunteer organization based in Alabama that enlists...
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Northwestern Women's Soccer kicks off the 2019 season against SMU at Martin Stadium on Thursday night.

Northwestern Women's Soccer kicks off the 2019 season against SMU at Martin Stadium on Thursday night.


Nia Robinson: B1G Volleyball Abroad
Junior Nia Robinson was selected to represent the Northwestern as

Something new that just started might mean your website needs to be updated. Any website that does not have an SSL Certificate is now marked as Not Secure by browsers. This means all websites really need to have an SSL Certificate. After all, what person would go to a website that is marked as Not Secure. This change might be a very small free change for your website. Or it might be a major change that will cost you some money. Some hosting providers, such as Godaddy, charge for an SSL Certificate. So this means you either have to pay your hosting provider a yearly fee of about $100 or you have to move your website to a new host that does not charge for an SSL Certificate. I have been telling clients if they are with a company like Godaddy that still charges for an SSL Certificate they should switch hosts. A company as big as Godaddy should not want to charge their customers for something like an SSL Certificate that many hosts are now giving for free. As always if you need direction on what you should do you can always contact me and I will be...


The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is searching for an inmate trustee who walked away from the Oklahoma County Jail Saturday afternoon.

Officials say Paul Joshua Thompson, 23, is an inmate trustee who walked away from the Oklahoma County Jail around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Inmate Trustees are low level offenders who are afforded privileges to work in and around the facility.

Thompson was being held on a misdemeanor charge of Concealing Stolen Property with a $2,000 bond.

Thompson was booked into the jail on March 31, 2019 by Oklahoma City Police.


AUSTIN - As we begin a new school year, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is reminding all Texans to slow down in school zones, be careful around school buses
STATE OF VERMONT DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY VERMONT STATE POLICE   NEWS RELEASE MOTOR VEHICLE CRASH   CASE#: 19A503312                                                     RANK/TROOPER FULL NAME: Sgt. David Roos STATION: VSP Derby                                   CONTACT#: 802 334-8881   DATE/TIME: 8/21/19 2211 hours, STREET: Schuler Road TOWN: Derby LANDMARK AND/OR CROSS
Saturday: Social justice activist Bryan Stevenson in Dover
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4 p.m. Aug. 24 at the Modern Maturity Center, 1121 Forrest Ave., Dover.
Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill seeking event volunteers
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The Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill is seeking community volunteers to support its annual Family & Friends Day, set for 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sept. 14 at the
08-21-19 Kailua-Kona man arrested following crime spree
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Hawaiʻi Police Department Area II Criminal Investigations Division Captain Reed K. Mahuna Phone: 326-4646, ext. 263 Report No. 19-066256   Media Release Hawaiʻi Police have arrested a Kailua-Kona man following
08-20-19 Missing person located: Paul D. Chew (Update)
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Hawaiʻi Police Department Criminal Investigation Section, Area I Lieutenant Rio Amon-Wilkins Phone: (808) 961-2252 Report No. 19-065412     Media Release (Update) Hawaiʻi Island Police report that 79-year-old Paul D. Chew who was reported as ...



June 8, 2019


Showboat Hotel Atlantic City, NJ
MaryAlice Enright @ Celebrityfightz@Gmail.com



May 3, 2019

Sevier Park 3000 Granny White Pike Nashville, TN 37204



July 27, 2019

Mile High Station 2027 West Colfax Avenue Denver, CO 80204


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