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On Sunday, April 18, 2021, at about 6:02pm, officers made a firearm arrest ...


Gov. Pritzker Names Gary Johnson Chair of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Board
SPRINGFIELD- Governor JB Pritzker today announced Gary Johnson will be
CHICAGO - The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) is pleased
Public Health Officials Announce 1,959 New Cases of Coronavirus Disease
SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) today



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April 2021


The City of Tampa has received $67.3 million dollars of dedicated funding from the Florida Department of Transportation for Tampa’s Streetcar Extension and Modernization Project.

“Today, we are excited to announce the award of $67.3 million of State New Starts transit program funding to the Tampa Streetcar Extension and Modernization system. This is the largest transit funding award the state has ever given to the Tampa Bay region,” said FDOT Secretary David Gwynn. “I’m hoping this strong commitment from the…


New York’s Health Care Distribution Sites Have Administered 75 Percent of Doses Received from Federal Government.

Over 7 Million New Yorkers Are Currently Eligible but the State Only Receives 300K/Week From the Federal Government.

All Vaccines Are By Appointment Only; Appointment Scheduling for Second Dose Occurs Immediately Following First Dose.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today updated New Yorkers on the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine after the first four weeks of availability for non-long term care facilities. The State’s vaccine supply…


Mayor William Peduto announced that the City has finalized a new contract for City of Pittsburgh crossing guards. The five-year contract was negotiated with the crossing guards’ representatives from the Service Employees International Union – 192B.

The new contract increases the base wage for crossing guards to $15 per hour with an annual wage increase to 2024. Under previous contracts, crossing guards were not eligible for municipal pension plans since the position was considered part-time. Under the new…


Melissa Ellison, called Missy, was 20-years-old.

It was Dec. 28, 1987. Missy was living in mobile home off Coljean Road in Taylor’s Trailer Park, which was owned by her parents. She had recently separated from her husband and had invited a friend and the friend’s boyfriend to move in with her to help with the bills.

Around 11:30 p.m., Missy spoke to her mother on the phone. Missy told her mother she was scared, but she wouldn’t say why.

By 4 a.m., Missy was found dead. She was beaten to death with a charred log taken from the fireplace, which was then left by the front door.

Missy’s roommate told officers she woke up because she heard Missy’s baby, Casie, crying.

Why was little Casie on the couch? Whose vehicle had left tire tracks outside the home? There were so many questions investigators worked to find answers to.

There is another strange thing that stands out to Missy’s family. They say when they were asked to look at the scene and see if anything was out of place, they noticed two pictures from her mantle were missing. Both were pictures of Missy at…


Research shows that Indigenous women and girls are more likely to experience violence compared to women of other ethnicities, but it’s a crisis that’s difficult to grasp because no one knows exactly how many have been taken or killed. With no comprehensive method for tracking cases, the website Justice for Native Women is a grassroots initiative to record these victims across the United States and Canada.

The work of Justice for Native Women, along with federal data sources, helped a…


A mammal native to South America’s savannas, the maned wolf now lives in the Amazon Rainforest. That’s the finding of a recent study by researchers in the Brazilian states of Mato Grosso, Amazonas and Rondônia, which recorded 22 sightings of maned wolves in the Amazon over the past two decades. Ten were in new territory, effectively widening the animals’ normal geographic distribution by more than 20,000 square miles.

Historically, the Amazonian biome marks the northern boundary of the maned wolf’s…


The Ohio State Highway Patrol says it’s important to be aware of the consequences of drunk and drugged driving.

December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month, an effort to highlight what authorities say is a notable increase in the number of crashes involving impaired drivers.

According to the group “Mothers against drunk driving,” during the year of 2018, 839 deaths occurred in December alone.

That represents 29 percent of all drunk driving deaths of that year.

With that in mind, the…



Prime Minister: Good afternoon, I’m joined by Professor Kelly as usual and I’m also joined by our Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel. Today’s meeting of National Cabinet the 31st this year occured on a day where once again, no deaths, there was no community transmission occurring in Australia and there were seven international cases and as Doctor Finkel reminds me and as Professor Kelly when you are identifying and securing these cases when in quarantine on return of Australians back to Australia, that is a sign of…

Texas Supreme Court Blocks Enforcement of Restaurant Restrictions
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The Texas Supreme Court has blocked Austin and Travis County’s orders restricting restaurants operations to takeout only between certain hours overnight. The decision came the evening of Jan. 1, after
Oracle Moves To Texas
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Software giant Oracle has moved their company headquarters from California to Austin, Texas. Oracle is one of the older tech firms, and was a staple of the area. Texas Gov.




February 2021

Talking Stick Resort, Scottsdale , AZ




September 2021

The Lots at Sandcastle 1000 Sandcastle Drive West Homestead, PA 15120




March 2021

H-E-B Center at Cedar Park, Cedar Park, TX

The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee announced today the relocation of 13 predetermined preliminary round sites for the 2021 Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.

In recent weeks, the Division I Men’s Basketball Committee has engaged in a thorough contingency planning process to determine the most effective way to conduct a safe and healthy March Madness for all participants for the 2021 championship. Through these discussions, it became apparent to the committee that conducting the championship at 13 preliminary round sites spread throughout the country would be very difficult to execute in the current pandemic environment. The committee has decided the championship should be held in a single geographic area to enhance the safety and well-being of the event.

As a result, NCAA staff are in preliminary talks with the State of Indiana and the city of Indianapolis to potentially host the 68-team tournament around the metropolitan area during the coordinated dates in March and April. Indianapolis was already slated to host the Men’s Final Four from April 3-5, 2021.

“My committee colleagues and I did not come lightly to the difficult decision to relocate the preliminary rounds of the 2021 tournament, as we understand the disappointment 13 communities will feel to miss out on being part of March Madness next year,” said Mitch Barnhart, chair of the Division I Men’s Basketball Committee and University of Kentucky athletics director. “With the University of Kentucky slated to host first- and second-round games in March, this is something that directly impacts our school and community, so we certainly share in their regret. The committee and staff deeply appreciate the efforts…

NCAA Relocating 2021 Division I Men’s Basketball Championship Sites
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The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee announced today the relocation of 13 predetermined preliminary round sites for the 2021 Division I Men’s Basketball Championship. In recent weeks, the Division
Dallas Cowboys Back In Playoff Hunt
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The Cowboys snapped a four-game losing streak, won a road game for the first time this season and put themselves in the NFC East race with six games to play.
NCHC Announces 2020-21 Hockey Schedule
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Nearly two months after the National Collegiate Hockey Conference delayed the start of the 2020-21 season, the Colorado College hockey team has a schedule for the upcoming season. The NCHC
UAA announces indoor winter sports teams will not compete in ’20-21 season
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The University of Alaska Anchorage announced today the Seawolves’ indoor winter sports teams will not compete during their respective 2020-21 seasons due to the ongoing health risks and increasing protocol
Pittsburgh Westinghouse Academy Bulldogs
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From the Pittsburgh Public School’s Twitter page: The Pittsburgh Westinghouse Academy 6-12 Bulldogs are back-to-back City League champions! Final Score: Westinghouse 36, Allderdice 20 Congratulations, Bulldogs! #PPSProud 📸 by @TodhunterProds


Scott Couch
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Our country has two main political parties-Democrat & Republican. Each would like to make you think they are different then the other. Put the reality of it is that both are exactly the same. Both parties want control and will do anything to get it. They spin every issue to suit their purpose. When Bill Clinton was President the Republicans wanted you to think he should be removed from office for having an affair with an intern. The Democrats wanted you think it was no big deal and not an Impeachable offense. Recently the Democrats wanted you think every single thing President Trump did was Impeachable, while the Republicans were just the opposite. And the main stream media is no help. If you turn CNN you think the President is the worst thing since Hitler. If you turn Fox you think the President is the best thing since the Rubix Cube. And now that Biden is in office it will all reverse and CNN will have nothing but good things to say about the President and Fox will only say bad things about him. So with all of this double standard who is right? What is the actual truth? Well the answer is there is no truth and no one is right. They all are lying. They all just want to move their view points to you so you will vote their way. In getting you to vote their way they hope to…