Something new that just started might mean your website needs to be updated. Any website that does not have an SSL Certificate is now marked as Not Secure by browsers. This means all websites really need to have an SSL Certificate. After all, what person would go to a website that is marked as Not Secure. This change might be a very small free change for your website. Or it might be a major change that will cost you some money. Some hosting providers, such as Godaddy, charge for an SSL Certificate. So this means you either have to pay your hosting provider a yearly fee of about $100 or you have to move your website to a new host that does not charge for an SSL Certificate. I have been telling clients if they are with a company like Godaddy that still charges for an SSL Certificate they should switch hosts. A company as big as Godaddy should not want to charge their customers for something like an SSL Certificate that many hosts are now giving for free. As always if you need direction on what you should do you can always contact me and I will be happy to help give you some options. You can email me at: or call me directly at: (315) 523-3745