The Boston Police Department Remembers Service and Sacrifice of Officer John Earle Killed in the Line of Duty 102 Years Ago: The men and women of the Boston Police Department remember the service and sacrifice of Officer John J. Earle who died in the line of duty on this very day 102 years ago. On October 21, 1916, Officer Earle was directing traffic in the area of Boylston and Washington Streets when a trolley car jumped the track and trapped Earle between another trolley car travelling in the opposite direction. The collision left Earle with serious internal injuries that would ultimately claim his life later on that same day.

Earle, who was a four year veteran of the department, was 34-years-old at the time of his death.

Earle is buried at New Cavalry Cemetery in Mattapan and his name which was added to the National Law Enforcement Memorial can be found at: Panel 34, West Line 15.

In Boston, a Hero Sign (see photo) is posted in honor and memory of Officer Earle at the corner of Boylston and Washington Streets on District A-1 (Downtown). Should you find yourself in that area, please keep an eye out for Earle’s Hero Sign and, if time allows, take a second to say a prayer and acknowledge the service and sacrifice of a brave soul who died protecting and serving our city while also recognizing the hurt, heartache and hardship endured by those he left behind.