A strong storm system moving in from the southwest will bring a risk of severe storms to the Tennessee Valley Saturday night through early Sunday Morning.

The Storm Prediction Center outlines a region of severe weather potential for both Saturday and Sunday over the South; a Moderate Risk west of Alabama marks the location of the most intense, most widespread storms Saturday. Those storms likely congeal into a line and move into western Alabama around 11 PM Saturday and then cross North Alabama and Southern Tennessee through roughly 7-9 AM Sunday. Strong wind gusts, tornadoes and hail are possible in these storms.

Behind the storms, Sunday afternoon looks mostly dry, but a few isolated showers or thunderstorms may develop as cooler, drier air begins moving into the region.

Weekend storm threat: First things first: don’t get bogged down in the levels of risk in the Storm Prediction Center’s outlooks. The bottom line is that you need to know there’s a risk of severe weather including very strong winds, tornadoes and hail overnight Saturday into Sunday morning.

Here’s the overview:

About the Severe Weather Outlooks: The outlooks will change; that’s okay. As long as you know that you need to be alert and roughly what time some nasty storms are possible, you have everything you need knowledge-wise.

What to expect: An outbreak of powerful thunderstorms develops by early afternoon from East Texas to Arkansas and Louisiana. Those storms could produce violent tornadoes, very large hail, and wind gusts over 70 MPH in that area. By the time they move east of the Mississippi River around 7-8 PM, we have a long line of storms from West Tennessee to the Gulf Coast advancing toward Alabama. The storms here will not be as intense as they are farther west; however, there is still a substantial risk of severe weather: wind, tornadoes and hail in Alabama and Southern Tennessee through Sunday morning.

What time will this happen? The severe weather threat for North Alabama and Southern Tennessee comes from about 11 PM Saturday to about 9 AM Sunday.

What should you do with this information? Use this time to prepare. Be sure you have Live Alert 19 AND a NOAA Weather Radio programmed and ready to go (batteries in the weather radio!).

Total rainfall through the weekend comes in around 1” to 2” in all. Another wave of storms in the Wednesday-Thursday time frame next week could add another 1” to 2” for a grand total of 3”+ in several communities in the next seven days.