Denver Zoo visitors’ view of the newest baby sloth may be a little obstructed by mom’s tight embrace of her baby, but they can try.

A two-toed baby sloth was born on Thursday at the Denver Zoo to the Linne’s sloth’s parents, 23-year-old Charlotte Greenie and 28-year-old Elliot. The baby is healthy, zoo officials said in a news release. But the sex and name have not yet been determined.

Although zoo officials thought the new baby might be born in January, officials said sloth due dates are hard to predict because they’re mostly active at night, and it’s difficult to see their breeding.

Now, Charlotte and the new baby are in the Bird World habitat to allow for bonding, the news release said. Elliot and the baby’s older sister Baby Ruth are off-exhibit. Baby Ruth was born in January 2018.

Zoo visitors can try to see Charlotte and the baby at the Bird World habitat exhibit, but “should note that a clear view of the baby might be impaired by foliage or Charlotte’s tight embrace.” Late afternoon sightings are more likely, and visitors are asked to keep their voices low.

The Line’s two-toed sloths, also called Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth or southern two-toed sloth, can be found in the rainforests of South America, mostly in Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil, according to the zoo’s website. They spend about 15-20 hours a day sleeping and are nocturnal.

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