Two workers died when a 15-foot deep trench collapsed on them Tuesday in Windsor.

Windsor Severance Fire Rescue via Facebook
Two workers died when a 15-foot deep trench collapsed on them at a construction site Tuesday, April 16, 2019, in Windsor.

“The operation has switched from a rescue to a recovery effort,” Windsor Severance Fire Rescue Fire Chief Kris Kazian said in a news release. Fire rescue personnel worked into the night Tuesday.

At about 2:19 p.m. the fire department received a 911 call about a trench collapse, at a home construction site at 925 Camberly Drive, the release said.

Using a PVC pipe as a conduit, workers, before firefighters arrived, were able to make voice contact with one victim, but not the second victim. Family members were able to talk with the one victim before he died, according to the release.

Extreme caution had to be used in attempts to free the men because the ground was unstable, officials said. Shovels and buckets were used in the attempt. When emergency workers reached the men they both had died.

“This operation took several hours due to the nature of the situation,” WSFR Fire Chief Kris Kazian said. “Our focus was on preventing no further harm to those trapped, or to the crews working to rescue them.”

Their bodies were released to the Weld County Coroner’s Office, and an investigation in ongoing.

Rescue personnel from several agencies responded to the scene.