MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - This first year teacher helps to make those `light bulb moments` really happen when it comes to Chemistry.

Emily Harris is a chemistry teacher at James Clemens High School and her colleagues think she is an excellent addition to the teaching staff.

"Makes us feel good here at James Clemens makes that we did a good job when we hired her," said Principal Dr. Brian Clayton.

The principal says her students are very responsive to her methods.

"She has done an outstanding job, has a really good class culture, and the kids really respond to her really well," said Clayton.

Mrs. Harris understands the challenges that chemistry brings and does her best to help her students.

"I try my best as a teacher to find strategies that work that helps make those light bulbs moments really happen," said Harris.

All her hard work deserves some recognition. Mrs. Harris won $319 for her chemistry class and she was grateful because she is passionate about what she does.

"You can take on something challenging find a way to make it happen and hopefully have some fun and enjoy it along the way.  When something challenging arises, I am not going to give up, I am going to find a way, I am going to make it work. That`s what really matters to me if they can take that and learn that now it`s great," said Harris.

She emphasizes the importance of hard work and not being afraid to get your hands dirty.

"It`s going to take work, but when things are challenging hard work pays off so that is one of our big rules. Hard work pays off," said Harris.

Mrs. Harris says everyone has something to give.

"In life, we are all blessed with different abilities and it`s up to us to take what we have been given and look out and see how we can use it to help others," said Harris.

Congratulations, Emily Harris!

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