FLORENCE, Ala. – Crimes of opportunity are rising along-side the thermometer. Reports of neighborhood prowlers are starting to increase as we move closer to summer.

Whether it is parked in front of your house, apartment or favorite store all vehicles are at risk. Day or night, someone can be trolling through flipping handles.

“We rarely get broken windows or jimmied doors,” explained Florence Police Detective Bill White who handles property crimes. He says the last thing a burglar wants to do is bring attention to themselves.

“They want to spend as little time breaking into your vehicle as possible, that way they can move on and not be detected.”

Detective White says warmer nights increase prowling. Vegetation around your homes can help someone conceal their movements.

Although the use of surveillance cameras has increased, they normally just capture the crime. One precaution you can take which is likely the simplest and cheapest is to remove valuables and lock your car doors.

“If you leave your car unlocked with items that these guys are looking for, you are increasing the odds that you are going to get broken into,” stated White.

Help yourself by making it more difficult for burglars to hit the jackpot. Police suggest you add locking your car doors to your nightly routine. That’s five seconds that could save you a huge headache down the road.

Police also suggest using your vehicles trunk space to keep items out of sight. Another tip is to not leave any type of firearm in your vehicle when it’s not occupied.