This fight is a must-see! Heavyweight, Markle signed a contract with celebrity boxing promoter, Damon Feldman. Thomas Markle Jr., Meghan Markle’s older brother and goes by “The Duke” due to his royal brother in law. Another heavyweight, Henry Laun, a friend of Mark Wahlberg also known as “Nacho” is fighting in memory of his two Uncle’s Kenneth Laun & Newton Florez who passed away from cancer. God rest their souls. Markle is 6”3” and weighs in at 250 lbs against Laun who is 5’8.5” and weighs in at 265 lbs. Prince Harry & Mark Wahlberg have been invited to this fight. “Nacho” tells me, “The fight is going to be fun and he looks forward to having a blast.” As we proceeded with our phone interview he stated, “Markle is a couple of years younger than me, a bit taller and a longer reach. I’ve been in the fight game, a long time. Fighting since 1974 and have a martial arts background. It has been 5 years though.” We continued on as Laun said, “I do know how to use my hands and my feet. I do not run and fear no man on this planet but the Lord himself. As we continued, “I am preparing with a high protein diet, walking, tai chi and hitting the bag.” A saying he mentioned a few times was “simple life, simple as a pimple.” Seemed to be his slogan. Laun told Damon, “He tries to take my head off and it is one and done.” Henry also mentioned losing another 20 lbs before the fight on June 29, 2019, and that he is no longer a competitive eater. We will all be looking forward to seeing this fight. “Nacho” would like to send a special thanks out to Mike Meoli, Mark Salvadore, John Sacco, O’Connell Brothers, The Real Entourage (Johnny Drama, Mark Wahlberg, Eric Weinstein), College Hype, Anthony Intosca, Team Extreme, Robert Wade, Brian Mazzola & Josh Mills!

The reality star, Dean McDermott just signed on to be the celebrity referee. Yes, I’m saying Tori Spelling, “Donna Martin” from 90210’s husband. McDermott best known as a professional chef is very excited to step into the ring and ref these men.

Celebrity Boxing’s 69th fight is sure to get views across the globe. It is not too late to check out their 68th fight ”Battle of the Female Stars”, Mobb Wives, “Natalie Didonato” vs Wrestling Star “Scarlett Bordeaux” on June 8, 2019, at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ. Get your tickets @ or with MaryAlice Enright @

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