MADISON, Ala. - The father of Madison murder victim Luke Pratt wants people to know his son was more than just a victim of a violent crime.

"I don't know if it's really sunk in yet I mean this morning I woke up and surprisingly enough I guess the service yesterday really gave me some peace," said James Pratt.

The 21-year-old's father said it is still hard for him to believe.

"You know when you read these things about people they have families, they have brothers and sisters and a mom that loves them and you know it's I just wanted to tell you that he had another face to him, not just a name in the newspaper that someone murdered," said his father.

James remembers his son as helpful, caring and fearless.

"I remember riding bicycles one day with him and he was going way to fast and like I said he was fearless ever since he was two or three years old and like I said he wouldn't slow down and I'm right behind him asking him to be careful but he wouldn't," said Pratt.

Those memories of his young and vibrant son will stay with James. He also has comfort as a father that Luke knew what he meant to the ones he leaves behind.

"I said I loved him and that is what I'm going to hang on too," he reflects.