It is my pleasure to introduce you to Tirrick Obadiah Smith, also known as the “The Universal Artist”. Mr. Smith is a serial entrepreneur & entertainment industry mogul who has become Hollywood’s #1 Go-To Man. This man has so many achievements under his belt and is continuing to move forward in an extremely powerful manner. He happens to provide so much motivation and inspiration for those who are looking to reach their greatness. Many generations highly respect Mr. Smith and over time he has become someone many should look up to.

Tirrick Obadiah Smith goes on to tell me, “ I am split in half as I own 16 companies on the entrepreneurial side of me and on the other side of me I work within the entertainment industry in film, television, theater, music, and of course, I am a published author. Everything sounded so enticing to me that I was became overly excited to know more, so I began to probe even deeper to ask additional questions about his upcoming promotional tour for his new book release “Road Trip 2 Success”. He wasted no time giving me the inside scoop on upcoming tour dates, times and locations for each event. He went on to fill me in, explaining that his promotional tour kicked-off in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 4, 2019, as the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection is where he was born and raised. I must admit that I was taken back by everything Tirrick Obadiah Smith has going on and even wondered how he fits all of this into twenty-four hours. He goes on to say, “Once I wrap up the Philadelphia promotional tour dates, I will then be hitting New York City, then onto the next cities and states. What I love most about his new book release “Road Trip 2 Success” is that is enlists all of Tirrick Obadiah Smith accolades, awards, tributes, honors and recognitions. I mentioned during our recent run-in how popular “Road Trip 2 Success” had become overnight, instantly receiving 4 out of 5 stars on multiple websites within just 48 hours. Tirrick Obadiah Smith ensured me that his new book release will be reaching even higher levels of success since his team has a solid marketing plan in place that will advertise the book globally. Once he filled me in on some of the plans he has in store, I can also ensure you that the book will experience many years of success.

Road Trip 2 Success, which is an entrepreneurial how-to guide is available in paperback copy by visiting the following link:

Road Trip 2 Success, which is an entrepreneurial how-to guide is also available in e-book copy by visiting: Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, Baker & Taylor, Scribo, Google Play Books, Playster, Overdrive, Tolino, 24Symbols & Bibliotheca.

Whoooooo, me trying to say all those platforms in one breath was a challenge in itself, so the fact that Tirrick Obadiah Smith arranged it all definitely categorizes him as an entrepreneurial and entertainment industry genius. Tirrick Obadiah Smith also tells me that he has tons of feature films, televisions projects, Broadway theatrical productions, music albums and plenty more books coming soon. I love that he felt comfortable enough to open up to me about his connection to the entertainment industry and how his father was a serial entrepreneur as well as a musician which is the root to his corporate and musical background. Tirrick Obadiah Smith will be releasing his comeback album “Crash & Burn” on January 11th, 2020. If that’s not enough to hold you over, he also will be producing his very first Hollywood feature film titled “No Way Out” which is a psychological thriller. As our brief encounter came to its end, I had to chuckle to myself at his humbleness as he failed to brag on the fact that he is an award-winning American director, producer, casting director, screenwriter, actor, recording artist, playwright, author, vocal coach, acting coach, and so on. The man is simply unstoppable and is someone those who are striving to reach their final destination should turn to and learn from. Now, that’s what you call impressive!

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