We are thirty-five days from the official start of Summer (solstice on June 21st), but the weather is already setting up that standard summertime feel! Expect warmer nights, hotter days, higher humidity, and an almost daily chance of some spotty showers and storms.

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Some days offer a better chance than others, but none of them look like all-day rain-outs in the near future. Any isolated Thursday evening showers and storms fade away by 10 PM, but the warm, muggy air doesn’t fade. It sticks around for a while: getting hotter through Friday and the weekend.

IMPORTANT REMINDER!  Storms this time of year are disorganized yet can bring some of the nastiest weather you’ll see all year long!  We’re practically in summer as far as the weather is concerned, so get in the mindset of the kind of storms we get in this season: Guide to summer storms on WHNT.com!

Here are a couple of examples from Central Alabama earlier Thursday of just how these storms can go from downpour to destructive in a matter of minutes (and with very little notice):

Friday and the weekend: Pools and lakes may be a touch too chilly to jump into at this point, but you may want to find a way to cool down in the next few days!

Temperatures soar to the upper 80s (and a few spots might even hit 90ºF+) on Friday and Saturday. Spotty afternoon and evening thunderstorms are possible; however, it will neither rain everywhere nor all day long.

A storm system west of us spins up some severe storms in the Plains eastward to the Mississippi River on Friday and Saturday. That batch of stormy weather moves northeast around a growing ‘ridge’ (high) over the Southeast; however, it gets close enough to enhance the chance of scattered storms on Sunday as well as Monday.

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Severe storms? They’re not likely here, but any single storm this time of year could briefly turn severe with strong winds and some small hail; they also often bring very heavy rain for a short time and dangerous lightning.

Track heavy summer-like storms with WHNT.com’s Interactive Radar or swipe over to the radar feature on Live Alert 19!

Still looking hot! May started hot, got cool, and now that we’re over the hump of the middle of the month, it’s about to get hot again! A strong ridge pushes the jet stream north, dries us out except for a few brief, daily showers, and heats up the air! Expect daytime highs in the upper 80s and lower 90s for the foreseeable future.

Beyond the 7-Day: it’s going to be hot (maybe mid-90s) for the last week of the month)

The only change from day to day will come from some well-timed clouds or showers that prevent maximum daytime heating by the scorching summer (even though it’s spring, it’s summer) sunshine.

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at WHNT.com/Weather and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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