We're well into May which means the big leaf Hydrangeas around the area should be close to full flower.  If you have one at home and have experienced years where it doesn't flower, it may be because you're pruning it at the wrong time.

Most big leaf or french hydrangeas form bloom buds in the late summer for the following spring.  If stems are pruned over the winter, or frozen by late spring frost, they may not bloom.

Endless Summer, Nantucket Blue, and Let's Dance, are all remontent varieties of hydrangea, and have the potential to bloom on new growth as well as old, bringing you flowers more than once a season.

Regardless of variety, most hydrangeas are colored in shades of blue, lavender, or pink; the color is influenced by the amount of aluminum in your soil.  For success with your big leaf hydrangeas, make sure to plant them where they'll have morning sun and afternoon shade.  Plant them in loose, well-drained soil, and only prune if necessary right after they flower to ensure you'll have flowers for next season.


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