HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. – Tennessee authorities have issued an AMBER Alert for a 23-month-old girl they say disappeared during a traffic stop.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation tweeted that the suspect, 37-year-old Matias Martinez, took off on foot with Octavia Shaw during a traffic stop.

AMBER Alert: Matias Martinez and Octavia Shaw were last seen wearing these clothes.

Authorities released a photo taken from the dash cam footage of the traffic stop showing the clothing that they were last seen wearing.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office says that at the time of the stop, due to the heat, deputies asked Martinez to stand by near the roadway in the shade with the infant while they detained the child’s grandmother for questioning. Deputies said she had open, active warrants.

Deputies said Martinez left with the child during that questioning.

Authorities describe Martinez as being Latin American, with brown eyes, and is approximately 5’ 10” tall.

Octavia Afiya Shaw was last seen wearing a light blue dress with ruffles, she weighs approximately 30 pounds and is 2 feet tall.

Anyone with any information regarding Martinez, the child, or their whereabouts should immediately contact their local law enforcement agency.