The District 9 City Council race in Denver took an ugly turn Thursday when racist flyers were distributed in the Clayton neighborhood.

Albus Brooks and Candi CdeBaca.

The red flyers, left on vehicles, contained a disturbing image of Councilman Albus Brooks, his face atop an illustrated image of a monkey peeling a banana. “Time for this monkey to go!” the flyer says, as well as “Voto Latino #itstime.”

It also says: Candi CdeBaca Denver District 9.

CdeBaca, Brooks’ opponent in the race, denies having anything to do with the flyer, which she also denounced.

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“This flyer did not come from our campaign, was not authorized by our campaign and if someone who considers themself [sic] a supporter created this, please know that you are indeed NOT supportive of me, my family nor my vision for this city,” CdeBaca said on Facebook. “That brand of ‘support’ is not welcome. I don’t stand for or tolerate this type of filth, as a woman of color this is what I teach about and resist daily. There is no room for hatred from ANY SOURCE in this city.”

Brooks posted a photo of the flyer on his Facebook page.

“Disgusting,” Brooks said in the post. “I tirelessly fight for my community as a servant leader, and I understand this job comes with differing views and sharp critique. But this is different.”

In a second, later post, Brooks said he is “not speculating who did this, nor accusing my opponent of anything.”

The flyer goes beyond campaigning and the race, Brooks said.

“This is about more than just a local council campaign. This is about calling out hatred and racism, and that’s important whether I’m a councilman or just your neighbor down the street,” he said.

CdeBaca said she would directly reach out to Brooks to “apologize that he and his children had to see it.” She also asked Brooks, just before 1 p.m., to delete the flyer from his Facebook page. After 9 p.m., the flyer remained.