BlazeBarz Entertainment LLC was founded in 2018 by Joseph B. Davis. They have one mission to showcase stars and represent talent on the highest level. Located in Westchester County, NY, home of Union Music Studio is where the foundation started in 2014 with BlazeBarz music publishing. They have worked with artists of all genres in and outside of Westchester County for approximately 4yrs. Focusing on helping artists in development, registering works, copyrights, consultations, record, and video releases. Passionate about music and Davis being a former artist himself “Crackz The Mc” is the energy and motivation behind the start of BlazeBarz Entertainment LLC.  An all-inclusive company for hire with Themed events, Hosting, Artist bookings, and Concert bookings. Every moment spent at a Blazebarz function is memorable and talked about for days! 2018 ended with its first successful annual yacht party in NYC that circled the Statue of Liberty. In May 2019 BlazeBarz Entertainment LLC became an official registered trademark. Summer 2019 pushing into 2020 BlazeBarz will be making some noise. We will be sure to check out their meet and greet June 29 in Peekskill, NY.




Don Salazar is known as “Don The Gwop” or “Gwop” is a studio owner, executive producer and artist consultant based out of White Plains, N.Y. He was raised on the south side of Yonker, N.Y and grew up in a community plagued by drugs, violence and the sweet sounds of music from Rap/Hip Hop to Salsa, Merengue and Reggae. He fell in love with rhythm, the color and the feeling that is in music. Gwop started creating music at 14 and from there he never stopped. Salazar does everything from writing to recording. This man knew what he wanted in his life. He always felt music was a part of himself, always something that he could depend on. In 2012, he opened UNION MUSIC STUDIO and it was an instant success. People from the tri-state area gravitated to his White Plains, N.Y. location to record their music. It has become a Mecca for Westchester, N.Y based artists as well as the surrounding counties. Gwop has set the bar for quality recording and mixes. Don has made a huge name for himself doing mixes for recording artists worldwide. His slogan “Mixed by Gwop” has become quite popular on the independent hip hop scene and stands for quality. We will be on the lookout. Working closely with “Don the Gwop” is Miss Danielle Black. Check out how you can get in the studio @


(Photo Courtesy of Aaron Llardi)


Danielle Nigro is known professionally as Danielle Black a singer, rapper, songwriter & the actress was raised to the sounds of Frank Sinatra, Madonna & Mark Anthony. Born a Bronx N.Y native of Italian and Puerto Rican descent. She knew at the age of 5 that she was destined to entertain the world. Black is emerging as a force to be reckoned with. With her freshman release of the Treasure Chest EP (2016) dedicated to growth and self-belief, it was only right that her following EP would display the boss in her. The Black Diamond Project (2017) is embellished with self-confidence, heartbreak & woman empowerment. With her follow up EP Solid Gold (2018) the title is self-explanatory. She delivers an eclectic sound from Trap, Dance to Pop with song titles like Griselda Blanco, she carries over the female boss mentality. With other titles such as Trap Madonna, she’s committed to paying tributes to those to those who have inspired her. Her next project will show such versatility it will prove that Danielle black is an emerging star. You can check Danielle out June 1, 2019 @ 



To book any of BlazeBarz Entertainment talent, email with talent in the subject line.

Check out BlazeBarz Entertainment’s Meet & Greet June 29, 2019, and stay tuned for their Masquerade Ball Summer 2019.

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