RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. – Police have closed the case of a burglary and arson at a Russellville pawn shop.

The September 2016 crime put dozens of firearms of the streets.

The burned-out remains of Mike’s Pawn Shop are long gone. For two and a half years, detectives worked to find the people they thought were responsible for the early morning fire which was set to cover up an even bigger crime.

“Technology; the type of things that is out there like cell phones and digital equipment. If it wasn’t for those type things we probably wouldn’t have been able to make these arrests,” explained Russellville Police Chief Chris Hargett.

Prior to the burglary, patrol officers had made a traffic stop for moving violations. The person pulled over was Roscoe Dansby of Marengo County. He was given a warning and sent on his way.

Dansby (left), Lewis (right)

With surveillance cameras, technology and search warrants, detectives were able to place him and Curtis Lewis at the scene of the crime later that morning.

Of the approximately 70 guns which were stolen that night at Mike’s Pawn Shop, Russellville police say only two have been recovered; most recently in May of 2017.

“It is a huge safety risk for the public,” stated Hargett. “The only thing is, we have gotten two of the guns back – both from south Alabama. So, they are probably spread out all over the state if not other states by now.”

Both men have been charged with arson, burglary, and theft of property.

Russellville police say this was a team effort that involved local, state, and federal investigators to solve.

Roscoe Dansby has been released on bond and is awaiting trial. Curtis Lewis remains at the Franklin County Jail without bond due to a probation violation.