A 69-year-old man was taken to a hospital after being attacked by a moose on a ranch Thursday morning near Nederland.

The man was attacked by a cow, who has been seen recently in the area with a calf, according to a Colorado Parks and Wildlife news release.

The man had been working on the property near thick willow brush when the attack happened, authorities say. A dog was also in the area.

Wildlife officials said the that the animal’s “defensive and aggressive behavior” was likely related to “being very protective of its young.”

“It serves as a good reminder that not only moose, but elk and deer are also having babies right now, and does and cows can be aggressive when their fawns and calves are newborn and very vulnerable to predation,” said Kristin Cannon, an area wildlife manager. “They may be aggressive toward people — but especially people with dogs and especially if those dogs are off leash.”

Wildlife officials took no immediate action against the moose, in part, because the animal was in an area outside of town and in a natural habitat.