Boulder County Sheriff's Department
Nicholas Alan Antley

An investigation of a shooting and attempted murder in Boulder County has taken a turn, with one suspect, a wife, being cleared in the initial investigation and her husband being arrested for allegedly fabricating the incident.

On April 13, deputies responded to a Sinclair gas station in the 30,000 block of Coal Creek Canyon on a report of a shooting.

Deputies initially arrested Elena Marie Michael as a suspect in a domestic violence case. She was charged with attempted second-degree murder, a felony and three misdemeanor counts, criminal mischief, third-degree assault and child abuse.

It was alleged that Michael had assaulted her common-law husband, Nicholas Alan Antley, and that she had shot at his vehicle during an incident in which the couple’s child was home. Antley told deputies the couple had argued about a relationship and that Michael had fired a gun at him as he fled to the Sinclair station.

After further investigation, it was determined that Michael was not in the area when shots were fired, the sheriff’s office said in a Wednesday news release. The Boulder County district attorney’s office dropped criminal charges against Michael on May 16.

On Wednesday, Antley, 29, was arrested on suspicion of fabricating the allegations against Micheal and for lying to investigators, the sheriff’s office said.

Antley was arrested on suspicion of multiple felony counts: attempt to influence a public servant, possession of a weapon by a previous offender and violation of bail conditions. He’s also suspected of false reporting to authorities, a misdemeanor.