Hundreds of fish have died in Westminster City Park Pond, and city officials are trying to determine the cause.

The pond, in Westminster City Park, off of West 104th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard, is stocked with grass carp, channel catfish, bluegill and largemouth bass, said Jonathan Thornton, a city spokesman.

City officials were notified about the dead fish Thursday morning, Thornton said. Several residents called the city about the incident.

Park staffers are working with a contractor who manages the lake to investigate how and why the fish died in such numbers, Thornton said.

The pond is about 120,000 square feet and about 8 feet deep at its deepest. There typically are about 2,000 fish in the pond, Thornton said.

City officials said about 200 fish died, Thornton said.

Erica Sodos, a Westminster resident and one of the people who called the city, likes to visit the park and pond to watch birds and other wildlife, she said. On Thursday morning she spotted workers with nets pulling dead fish from the pond. Sodos took about 30 photos of lifeless fish in the lake. She estimated the number to be “in the thousands.”

“I felt horrible. I love all animals,” said Sodos, who works at Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary in Erie.

Sodos described fish as “curious … intelligent” animals who feel pain. “It’s devastating,” she said.