MADISON, Ala. - It's a no days off kind of mentality for the players and coaches of Bob Jones baseball. The Patriots held their annual baseball camp Monday-Wednesday at the high school field.

Kids from first through sixth grade came out to learn from head coach Jared Smith, and some of the guys on the 2018-2019 team.

Not only are Smith and his players they teaching these kids the game,  but they want them to enjoy playing it as well.

"Number one we want them to have fun when they play and that's what I tell our players that are working the camp," said Smith. "I tell them number one lets make sure they have fun and you know along the lines lets teach them a little baseball and how we play it here and it was a great turnout the weathers been good the first day was cool. Little hot today. Kids are doing a great job of handling it and getting something out of the camp I believe."