Summer storms blow up quickly, don’t move much, then dissipate often within the space of an hour. Thursday afternoon’s storms did that: producing 40-50 mph wind gusts, hail, and up to two inches of rain in spots.

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The storms are over now; we’ll clear the sky overnight (with some patchy fog) and start over again with another hot, humid day Friday; that heat and humidity brings another chance of scattered showers and storms.

Staying hot through the weekend: If you’re hoping for a ‘cool down’ anytime soon, you better hope for a heavy thunderstorm. That’s the only cooling influence in the forecast through Saturday and Sunday!

Expect daytime highs in the lower and middle 90s on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each day brings a roughly 20% to 30% chance of rain. That’s a low number, but the individual storms may pack quite a punch dropping very heavy rainfall and kicking up wind gusts over 35 miles per hour.

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Who gets the rain over the weekend? It’s a bit of a toss-up. Disorganized ‘convection’ this time of year can be very significant, but the thunderstorms don’t move much and don’t last long. That can leave some spots soaked, others damp, and many more just plain hot and dry.

Looking toward the Fourth: Next week looks hot. Surprised? You shouldn’t be! This is what we get year-in, year-out this time of year. Expect highs in the 90s, lows in the 70s, and a chance of a brief storm each afternoon next week. The rain chance goes up to 30% on Wednesday and Thursday and then 40% by Friday, but no days look like ‘rain outs’ leading up to (and including) Independence Day.