The pattern doesn’t change much, but the local impacts of summertime weather can be drastically different from day to day. It’s all because of the hit-or-miss thunderstorms! Your chance of rain stays low this weekend, but if you happen to be impacted by one of the downpours, it could throw a wrench in your plans for a little while.

We expect a few downpours ‘here and there’ around Alabama and Tennessee this weekend. It will not be an all-day affair, and the majority of the region gets zero rainfall through Saturday and Sunday.

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Hot and getting hotter: The thirty-year average high temperature for this weekend is around 90ºF. Most communities around here top out at or above 90ºF on both Saturday and Sunday; the higher terrain in Northeast Alabama stays in the 80s Saturday and Sunday, but it will be getting hotter early in the week.

Daytime highs rise into the mid-90s on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the Huntsville area as well as The Shoals. The heat index (apparent temperature) goes as high as 100ºF early in the week.

Looking toward Independence Day: There won’t be a huge change in the over-all weather from day to day next week; however, there will be a gradual increase in the number of daily thunderstorms from Wednesday through the Fourth (Thursday) and into next weekend.

Scattered thunderstorms could get heavy at times: producing over 1” of rain, 35 MPH+ wind gusts, and intense lightning. They will be spotty in nature, so the forecast map will look more like splattered paint than a nice smooth covering of projected rainfall.