AUGUSTA, Maine - A new season of outdoor recreation brings new focus to the dangers posed to our forests by invasive forest insects and diseases, often spread by infested firewood. Recreationists and camp owners need to be aware of the threats invasive forest pests pose to Maine's natural resources. The 2018 discovery of emerald ash borer (EAB) in two areas within Maine adds even more urgency to this message.

**Use Local Maine Firewood**

1. It is still illegal to bring untreated firewood from out of state across Maines borders, even into York County or Northern Aroostook County where EAB quarantines exist.

2. The presence of EAB within Maine also makes movement of firewood within the state a concern. It is now illegal to move untreated firewood out of York County and the Northeastern tip of Aroostook County into other parts of Maine.

3. Even within these quarantined areas, everyone is being asked to consider how their actions can impact the movement of EAB and other forest threats.

4. If you live in an area which is still free of EAB and have ash firewood from near an infested area, please try to burn it as soon as possible to reduce the risk of EAB adults emerging and starting a new infestation.

5. As always, MFS recommends burning firewood within 50 miles of where it was harvested. This reduces the chance of moving a yet-undiscovered insect or disease long distances.


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**About the Maine Forest Service (MFS)**

Established in 1891, the MFS mission is to protect and enhance Maine's forest resources through forest fire prevention; technical assistance; education and outreach to a wide variety of audiences; and enforcement of the States forest protection laws. MFS offices are located throughout the state and provide Maine citizens with a wide range of forest-related services. For more information about the Maine Forest Service and its programs, visit our website at or call (207) 287-2791.