A woman tubing on the South Platte River near Fort Morgan died Friday after she went over a dam and failed to resurface, eventually coming up in an unresponsive state, officials said.

Three women on Friday entered the South Platte and were floating east on the river, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

“After some time they came to a low head dam in the river that diverts water from the river,” the release said. “The parties talked, and two of the parties decided to exit the river and go around the dam. The third party decided to go over the dam and continue east in the river.”

The pair who walked around the dam saw the victim “go under the water and not come up for some time,” the sheriff’s office said. “When they saw her come up she was floating in the river unresponsive.”

The women pulled the victim to the shore and called 911 at 3:39 p.m. for help, the release said.

Emergency responders arrived at the scene, near County Road 24, and took life-saving measures including CPR, the sheriff’s office said. The woman was taken by ambulance to Colorado Plains Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead. Her name was not released Friday.