The article was written by Tammy Reese and edited by Michelle DiBernardo.
This short film is a mistress plot to have her lover’s wife murdered.

“Love Mean Nothing” is a short film that was produced by Tammy Reese of Visionary Minds Public Relations and Media, Michelle DiBernardo of DiBernardo Productions and Austin Smallwood of AGMT Raw. Written and Directed by Tammy Reese this short portrays a love triangle gone terribly wrong due to manipulation, lust, greed, and lies. Every scene will have you in what just happened mode with the intensity rising from beginning to the end. Just when you think you know what’s about to happen the suspense takes you to a new adventure. This original short indie film stars: Michelle DiBernardo who is also the casting & location manager (Find out more about her @ or www.DiBernardoProductions.Media) , Natalie Brooks an actress, journalist and music artist from Buffalo NY, and local actors, Jerome Coleman who recently was in a commercial directed by Reese and Jamie Morgan actress and stunt woman. Without giving to much away we can say Morgan “Mirah” plays a good girl gone bad. Coleman who plays “Aaron” seems like an ideal husband to Morgan let us empathize the “seems”. Brooks “Sarah” is a fierce raw talent that takes no mess from anyone. DiBernardo deserves the best actress award for her role in executing the emotions of having no ounce of empathy toward anyone. All actors gave their all while nailing and owning each scene. The hair stylist on set was done by Amber Judge who works closely with DiBernardo for red carpet appearances and other productions. The Production Assistant was Clyde Anderson of Clyde Anderson Media. “Love Means Nothing” cast and crew consisted of a total of 7. The reaction Tammy got from folks who first read the script was “your mind is evil”, “this is sick”, “go balls to the wall with this thing” “this script is going to have audiences jaw dropped to the floor”. That’s the reaction Reese wanted. Horror is her favorite genre along with thriller and suspense films. Some of her biggest inspirations in the business from the genre is Stephen King, Mick Garris, Eli Roth, and Rod Serling. Reese and DiBernardo are not strangers of collaborations together. Former business partners who branched off to build their own companies and came back to do a powerhouse collab with both their company brands attached. You will definitely see more from them together. Smallwood who is the Director of Photography for the film and Reese have collaborated as well. Austin did photography for a Visionary Minds produced photoshoot, which led to a billboard in Syracuse. Smallwood also was one of the photographers @ the launching of DiBernardo Productions “I Can Make It Teen Fashion Show” back in January 2019. Producers of “Love Means Nothing” plan to submit this thriller/suspense to film festivals across the US.



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