PITKIN COUNTY – This summer in Aspen, you’ll still see the typical hikers, bikers and horseback riders. But one thing you’ll likely see far less of is unlicensed, off-road all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and off-highway vehicles (OHVs), as Pitkin County works to more strictly enforce its ban on such vehicles.

The county began to re-enforce the long-standing ban on such vehicles last year but generally worked to educate OHV users on the rules – opting not to fine someone typically until a third violation.

But this summer, county officials say they plan to enforce the ban more strictly and start imposing fines – and possible jail time.

Most county leaders say it’s a simple issue and that people can take their vehicles to the many other parts of the state where they are allowed. Some area residents and business owners say the government is cutting into their fun and bottom lines, while others say a strictly-enforced set of rules are necessary for protecting one of Colorado’s outdoor Meccas.