HOOVER, Ala. – Tennessee Volunteers Head Football Coach Jeremy Pruitt discussed a tweet, that led to an NCAA violation, he made earlier this year about his alma mater winning a state basketball championship.

In March, when Plainview won the 3A State Basketball Title, Pruitt tweeted congratulating them on their back-to-back state titles, something that most would think is okay, but the NCAA didn’t agree. Pruitt didn’t pay a fine or really get in trouble for supporting his team, but the NCAA did find the support of the Bears to be a level 3 violation.

WHNT News 19 asked Coach Pruitt on his initial reaction when he found out his tweet wasn’t allowed.

“Let me tell you something I don’t tweet. I got someone to do that for me because I was excited and happy for my alma mater. I was excited for those guys and the people associated with Plainview High School, so maybe I jumped the gun a little bit,” said Pruitt.

Pruitt and the Tennessee Volunteers kick-off the season against Georgia State on August 31 at 2:30 p.m. ET.