FLORENCE, Ala. – Acts of kindness go a long way during emotionally charged events. A picture posted this past weekend shows a story of just that. Florence Police Department Lieutenant Tim Wooten was photographed comforting a little girl during a call.

(Courtesy of Mary Alan Tice)

“It does break your heart to see a child hurting and suffering,” stated Lt. Wooten.

Unfortunately, police are seeing it far more often than they would like. Lieutenant Wooten has responded to two such calls in the last week.

“The children are your true victims, because they are just an innocent bystander.”

The first incident Wooten responded to was a child found wandering a grocery store alone. His parents were nowhere in sight. The second call, which is getting just as much attention, a disruption at a retailer on Saturday.

“You certainly reach out to the children and make sure that you try your best to comfort them during those crisis's,” said Wooten.

(Courtesy of Florence Police)

In both instances, Wooten and other officers did comfort the children. The little girl at the retailer, Wooten bought her a back to school back-pack. Certainly not part of his job description, but something that was in his heart.

“It comes down to, it’s a calling. You are going to do that where if nobody is watching, no one is around, you are still going to do it. You are still going to take care of your people on that scene,” Wooten explained.

One of many acts of kindness in Lieutenant Tim Wooten’s 30-plus years on the force.

The Florence Police Department says they appreciate all of the kind messages through social media they have received, and they thank the community for their support.