HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - According to National Retail Federation, more than half of back-to-school shoppers say they plan their shopping around sales events.

The Alabama back to school sales tax holiday offers all shoppers tax deductions on back to school supplies, computers, clothes, and even diapers.

All weekend long Alabama shoppers have been heading to stores in order to save money during the tax-free holiday but some shoppers say it's not worth all of the hype.

Some shoppers say they were left disappointed. Brittany Fant is one of them she says she expected more deals " I know it's just for taxes but usually when they have sales they mark stuff down and then you can save more money that way."

Fant is a college student, she went to Kroger and Walmart to try to find a good deal.

Academy sports + outdoors is one store that did offer shoppers an extra deal on top of the tax deduction. Michah Franklin is a manager at the Huntsville location and he says their store offered customers coupons "There is a coupon going on right now anything if you spend over 100 dollars before tax you get 20 dollars off anything 50 to 100 you get 10 dollars off."

Kam Minor is a mom of two and she says that even though she loves a good sale, she avoided the stores this year and bought a few things online.

“I checked the ads throughout the week to see just who was having the best back to school deals and I really didn’t see anything in the store that I couldn’t take advantage of online."

The National Retail Federation says that shoppers with kids in elementary school through highs school plan to spend an average of $696.76 on back to school shopping.

In Madison County, most shoppers who participated in the holiday received a 9% tax deduction.

That means a family that spent $700 would save $63.

For Fant  buying in bulk may make it more worth the trip, "I mean if you have a lot of supplies to buy and kids to buy for it might be worth it but for me, I didn't think it was worth it for that hassle and that price."

For those who didn't get the chance to see for themselves, there is always next year.