Freddie Robinson Jr.

I had the pleasure of working with Freddie on Cash Cow Films,  feature film, “Dammit Man” which premiered at CitiPlex 12 in Newark, NJ back in March of this year. Of course, this was a comedy and well my 2nd sex scene, not sure about Mr. Robinson. 

Freddie Robinson is an actor, comedian, producer, musician, innovator, and entrepreneur. With more than a dozen inventions, patents, and artistic creations under his belt Freddie is truly a man of many faces. Freddie hails from the gritty streets of Jersey City, New Jersey just across from Lower Manhattan and the Hudson River. Freddie claimed his destiny early on in his life beginning in grammar school when he starred in his first stage play with the National Dance Institute (NDI). It was on that stage that a dream was born. His stint with the NDI led to his dance role in the movie Off Beat feat actor Judge Reinhold. 

After high school, Freddie joined a singing group called “4Matt” managed by Queen Latifah and Flavor Unit Management and signed under Motown Records through Naughty by Nature’s production company Illtown Records. The group recorded two albums while together under Motown and an album with Warner Bros. Freddie also co-wrote the Illtown Family’s Real Christmas song with Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Gordon Chambers which still plays on regular rotation on BET and other stations during the holiday season.

Acting after the group dissolved Freddie decided to pursue his acting career full time as well as nurturing a budding career in music production. While producing a local artist he gained the attention of Motown Productions president, Suzanne de Passe, the woman who discovered the Jackson 5. Shortly after, through his independent initiatives, he earned the opportunity to work with the late singer Aaliyah for the Sunset Park soundtrack, Queen Latifah, Jim Jones, and Mama Jones of (Love & Hip Hop). Having starred in several schools plays throughout high school, it was not until later that Freddie would make major strides in acting. After submitting his photo to an agency, he was immediately got called back to go on several casting calls, landing his very first job doing a voiceover for Reebok sneakers. Freddie’s first major role wouldn’t come until a couple of years later when he landed a role on NBC’s long-time running and Emmy Award-winning series Law & Order. Shortly thereafter, he would cross paths with director, Sidney Lumet who was directing A&E’s 100 Centre Street who immediately impressed with Freddie’s talent and booked him for a role. Soon Freddie found himself auditioning before Actor and Director Alec Baldwin for a role in Shortcut to Happiness. In this film, he starred in scenes opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alec Baldwin, Kim Cattrall, and Dan Aykroyd. This role was followed by a lead role in the movie Life Outside of Pearl with Haitian actor Jimmy Jean-Louis and a guest role in 50 Cent’s “Put Ya Hands Up” music video which now has over eight million 8,000,000 views. Comedy / TV has always been a part of Freddie’s personality, therefore after constant encouragement from his supporters, he decided to do theatre and graced several major stages such as The Historical Loew’s Theater in Jersey City and received rave reviews from his performance. Additionally, he has appeared on two seasons of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop and an entire season of VH1″s Chrissy & Mr. Jones both bringing in the view’s in the millions. 

Freddie has a multitude of talents, which include a great eye for talent and a good ear for music. His goal is to utilize his accomplishments while assisting others in fulfilling their entertainment dreams, whether music, television or theatre. Currently, Freddie is producing music for the new seasons of Love and Hip Hop and Love and Hip Hop (ATL). Be sure to follow Freddie on all his social handles. Also if interested in booking his email is below or contact, serious inquiries only!

Instagram: @freddierobinson



Mama Kim aka Kim Wallace

Now I have not personally met Kim yet but have had a conference with her with an old friend of mine, Kal Dawson of KDMT. She seems to have an amazing personality and loves what she does.

Kim Wallace is a television personality and DJ. A true Brooklyn New York native born and raised in Marcy Projects with her parents. Kim is the youngest of 5 children. Although she grew up in a stable home, she chose the fast life of the streets as her sanctuary. Looking for love in all the wrong places, Kim became a young mother at the age of 15. Times were very difficult and the experiences helped shape the Kim Wallace of today. Through the tuff growing pains, Kim endured she developed a love for hip hop and the nostalgia of the party scene. The power of music and dancing intrigued Kim and she begins experimenting with the world of Djing. Inspired by a local DJ, Kim began to purchase equipment and began relentless practice sessions at home. This leads her to land multiple gigs at local parties and she was on her way starting out as DJ K LOVE today known as DJ MAMA KIM. Kim has co-hosted several popular radio shows and created a place for herself within the entertainment industry.

Great Opportunities seem to fall in Kim’s lap as she landed a role on VH1 reality series Love and Hip Hop New York 5, 6 and 7 which featured her daughter Samantha. Kim felt right at home in front of the camera and especially when she could be her charming and witty self of course mixed with some real-life drama.

Currently, Kim is djing events, auditioning for acting roles and placing her talents in situations that will build her portfolio. Also if interested in booking her email is below or KDMT or contact, serious inquiries only!

Instagram: @Darealmamakim

Facebook: Kim Wallace



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