Starting today, Alabama anglers will have to abide by changes to the bag and/or length limits on some popular fish species.

According to the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources:

  • Speckled trout regulations have moved to a slot limit. Anglers can keep trout that measure between 15 and 22 inches total length with an allowance for one fish over 22 inches total length. The bag limit is now reduced to six speckled trout per person per day.
  • The size limit for southern flounder has increased to 14 inches total length. The bag limit is down to five per person for recreational anglers.
  • The limits for commercial anglers are 14 inches total length with a daily limit of 40 per person or 40 per vessel.
  • The Marine Resources Division (MRD) approved an increase in the cobia size limit to 36 inches fork length. The bag limit remains at two per person for recreational anglers.
  • The minimum size limit for shortfin mako shark has been increased to 71 inches fork length for males and 83 inches fork length for females.

New hook regulations also go into effect. When fishing for sharks and all Gulf reef fish, anglers must use non-stainless circle hooks. Hooks used for sharks must be non-offset, which means the tip of the hook must be in line with the shank.

If you’re renewing your license at the end of August, you may have to pay for a new endorsement. The Gulf Reef Fish Endorsement is required if you plan to fish for snapper, triggerfish, tilefish, amberjack and a list of other reef fish. The endorsement is $10 per angler for private recreational anglers. Charter boat fees range from $150-$250, and commercial vessels are assessed at $200 per vessel.

For a complete list of reef fish included in the endorsement, click here.