MADISON, Ala. - Madison City Schools received high rankings in Alabama and America in the 2020 Best Schools NICHE education study.

The Madison City Schools District was listed as the 2nd best school system out of 137 in Alabama and 46th out of over ten thousand districts nationwide. The district includes 11 schools and over 11,600 in enrollment.

"I've been in Madison for 31 years, and I believe we have the best kids, parents, and teachers in the state, and according to these rankings some of the best in America too. These rankings are very exciting for our community. It's a community effort and everybody in this entire community has been involved in making our schools great," said Robby Parker, Madison City Schools Superintendent.

Madison Elementary School ranked 1st among 713 Alabama elementary schools and 87th among 50,458 nationwide. The other six elementary schools in the district also ranked within the top 14 in the state.

"There are 713 elementary schools in the state of Alabama and every one of ours rank in the top 14. I am so proud of that," said Superintendent Robby Parker.

Discovery Middle ranked 2nd and Liberty Middle ranked 4th among 383 middle schools in Alabama. Discovery Middle and Liberty Middle ranked 161st and 212th respectively out of 23,632 middle schools nationwide.

Bob Jones ranked 3rd and James Clemens ranked 6th among 355 statewide. Nationally, Bob Jones and James Clemens placed 297th and 494th respectively out of 19,314 high schools across America.

"No matter where you live in Madison and no matter what level your students are at. If a student is an elementary school student, or a middle school student, or a high school student your children are going to go to one of America's best schools. We have to rezone sometimes and that's not easy, but we ensure that schools are demographically equal in order that all schools and every child has an opportunity to go to one of America's best schools. We've accomplished that and we are going to fight hard to continue that," said Superintendent Robby Parker.

The study bases its annual evaluations using a variety of criteria including test scores, college readiness, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, teacher quality, public school district ratings, and opinions from students and parents.

Elementary School Rankings: 

**These rankings are out of 713 in the state and 50,458 nationwide

Madison Elementary- 1 in state, 87 nationwide

Columbia Elementary-2 in state, 120 nationwide

Mill Creek Elementary- 4 in state, 147 nationwide

Heritage Elementary- 5 in state, 155 nationwide

West Madison Elementary- 8 in state, 312 nationwide

Horizon Elementary- 11 in state, 385 nationwide

Rainbow Elementary- 14 in state, 546 nationwide

Middle School Rankings:

Discovery Middle- 2 in state, 161 nationwide

Liberty Middle- 4 in state, 212 nationwide

High School Rankings:

Bob Jones- 3 in state, 297 nationwide

James Clemens- 6 in state, 494 nationwide