HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Posts concerning threats to Walmart are circulating on social media but Huntsville police say there are no verifiable threats to stores in our area.

Police say some of the posts go as far as to say there have been arrests made and that is untrue for our area.

“Our NAMACC (North Alabama Multi-Agency Crime Center) and its Investigators have been following all social media platforms to verify any possible threats since the incident in El Paso TX,” HPD posted on social media. “We have also stepped up patrols in area Wal-Marts and reached out to federal authorities who are also assisting in watching social media platforms and specific profiles for any real and specific threat.”

At this time there is no evidence of any verifiable threat.

If anyone has knowledge of a real and specific threat, please reach out to Huntsville Police at (256)722-7100.