So recently I have had the pleasure of working with Mikey Jay on his production’ “Keys and Cuffs” that his Aigne Film Group is producing and also written by Mikey. Mikey tells me this is his 3rd feature film and has many more in the works. Before “Keys and Cuffs” the group shot “Time Matters” and “Color Blind”. He enjoys seeing his words come to life. His film group has quite a few projects in pre-production, “Chill Pill” a comedy, “Run” which is a horror film to be filmed around Halloween, “Days Of A King” a TV drama, “Angelic Voice” a Christmas film and “3 The Hardway” is an action.

Below is Mikey’s bio.

Who is Mikey Jay?

There’s Jay-Z, Diddy, Fat Joe, and then there’s Mikey Jay. For those that have been sleeping under a rock for the past 15+ years let’s acquaint and or reacquaint you with the hardest working, most generous yet slept on artist in the industry. Mikey Jay is not your average celebrity or public figure. Mikey Jay is a Native American-Trinidadian and African American. He is a mainstream recording artist, music producer, actor, clothing line owner, film producer, and film financier Mikey Jay is also a civil rights activist, a fathers’ rights activist, philanthropist and a community activist from the Southeast Bronx section of New York City. He is the true definition of a mogul.

Although he was born in Harlem and raised in the South Bronx, Mikey Jay overcame many trials and tribulations. Soon after he was born on Christmas Day, at 9:30 am, Mikey’s blood count shot up to a level that should have taken his life. Not too soon after that, his white blood cells began to feed on his red blood cells, He even endured a spinal tap. Through all of this, he has risen to become one of the most sought after artist, entertainers, producers, and actors in the entertainment industry.

Mikey Jay gives much of his knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the music business credit to previous management and current mentors such as Mickey Bentson, Bert Padell, LadyMoore Saab, Terra Renee, Dr. Ishmael Bentancort, and other notables in the industry. His charismatic swagger, handsomely good looks and hilarious sense of humor has propelled Mikey Jay to the forefront of the music, film and television world. When other mainstream prominent artist or moguls are mentioned, Mikey Jay’s name is in the same conversation. He is the true definition of a mogul, humanitarian, entrepreneur, artist, and all-around entertainer. Mikey Jay is Hip-Hop’s best-kept secret in the game. A premier artist who is certified solidified & accredited.

Mikey Jay has many awards under his belt:

2015 Artist Of The Decade Award

2015 Humanitarian Award

2015 The Roland McLaren Jr. Special Achievement In Sound Honor Award

2015 True Artist Of Hip-Hop Honor Award

2015 Humanitarian Peace Advocate Honor Award

2015 Bronx Borough President Citation Of Merit

2016 Keeping The Dream Alive Award Honoree (JumpStart / NAN)

2016 United States Congress Certificate Of Special Recognition Honoree

2016 New Jersey State & General Assembly Citation

2016 Paterson New Jersey Office Of The Mayor Certificate

2016 City Of Paterson Municipal Council Citation

2016 Board Of Chosen Freeholders Citation

2017 Voice Award “Man Up Music Mogul Award

2017 DDWL Image Award “Achievement Award

2017 DDWL Image Award “Humanitarian Award

2017 Stage Production At The End Of Day

I asked Mikey where he sees himself in 10 years and he tells me the following, “Hopefully alive in good health! Creating the best films I can. In 10 years I will be 50 so I do not think I will be putting music out anymore but we will see how I feel in 10 years.”

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