ALABAMA – The Alabama Department of Revenue has temporarily suspended a tax on gas exports from the state.

In the executive order, which was signed Friday, Revenue Commissioner Vernon Barnett cited the ongoing preparations for Hurricane Dorian as well as relief efforts after the storm.

Fuel transport companies and anyone assisting with relief efforts by transporting fuel out of Alabama will be exempted from the export tax through the end of September.

The full text of the executive order suspending the tax is below:

“I, Vernon Barnett, Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Revenue, pursuant to the power granted to me under §40-2-11, Code of Alabama 1975, and Act 2019-164, Ala. Acts 2019, hereby declare that because there is a state of emergency resulting from Hurricane Dorian, it is necessary to assist and expedite all efforts of relief. In order to accommodate this need and provide assistance to the citizens affected by this storm, I hereby order the temporary suspension of the motor fuel exporter, importer, and transporter licensing requirements associated with the Alabama Terminal Excise Tax for exporters, importers, or transporters supporting disaster relief efforts by engaging in the export of motor fuel from Alabama to areas in other states impacted by Hurricane Dorian for which a state of emergency or disaster has been declared or the import of motor fuel into areas in Alabama for which a state of emergency or disaster is declared.

Nothing in this Executive Order shall be construed to permit any waiver of any additional exemption requirements under the Alabama Terminal Excise Tax, including the requirement for suppliers to collect and remit the destination state tax, or from any statute, rule, order or other legal requirement not specifically waived herein.

Because of the ongoing state of emergency resulting from Hurricane Dorian, this Executive Order shall be effective until the end of thirty (30) days after the signing of the Executive Order.

Entered this 30th day of August 2019.”