LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. – Authorities in Lawrence County are still searching for the person responsible for shooting and killing a man in the Red Bank community north of Town Creek early Sunday morning.

30-year-old Akeem Montez Koger was shot and taken to Helen Keller hospital in a car, then later died of his injuries.

Police still haven’t made an arrest but his mother believes someone knows who took her son’s life.

“With that many people there and so many of them that were supposed to be his close friends but nobody is helping us,” said Akeem’s mother, Kim Koger. “Nobody is speaking up.”

Kim Koger says to make matters worse, when her son arrived at the hospital he had no personal items and she believes someone took them.

“His wallet, his jewelry, especially the medallion with his brother and sisters on it. Someone has them and I just want them back.”

Akeem’s family is begging anyone with information to come forward to law enforcement. They say the personal items can be returned to them with no questions asked, they just want the items back.