It has not rained at Huntsville International in eight days, and we likely have at least a week to ten days before any rain of significance (or enough to cover the area well) is in the forecast.  That’s one reason it has gotten so hot lately!

    • 98ºF on September 4     (9ºF above average)
    • 95ºF on September 3     (6ºF above average)
    • 96ºF on September 2     (7ºF above average)
    • 92ºF on September 1     (3ºF above average)

When it’s this dry, it gets hot.  September 3-9, 1925 was brutal.  On September 6, 1925, Centreville (Bibb Co.) recorded the hottest temperature in Alabama’s history: 112ºF.  Huntsville was above 100ºF for seven-straight days and hit 108ºF on September 7, 1925!

Daily weather map from September 6, 1925 in the midst of Alabama’s worst heat wave

So it’s hot, yes.  But it’s not that hot.

Expect the heat to build again over the weekend.  Temperatures rising through the mid-90s Sunday and then on to the upper 90s on Monday and Tuesday.  There’s a chance we could hit 100ºF in a few spots early next week, but thankfully the heat index won’t make it much worse than that because the humidity won’t be as thick as it was earlier in the summer.

And lest you have hope that it’s going to get cool quickly beyond this forecast, this is the extended 8-14 day outlook from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center:

NOAA CPC outlook shows hot weather hanging around through mid-September

If there’s any good news to be seen, it can’t stay this hot for much longer than the forecast mentioned above. Huntsville averages about 60 days of 90-degree heat in a calendar year. Wednesday was the 72nd day of 90s this year, but we’re running out of time for this kind of heat to just keep hanging around!

The average final 90-degree day in Huntsville is September 26th. The latest is October 20th (in recent years, October 19, 2016 is the latest).

How average high temperatures trend downward from September through October (Huntsville)

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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