MADISON, Ala. - Police are investigating a string of car break ins that happened overnight Monday and Tuesday in Madison neighborhoods. In one case, a gun was stolen from a vehicle.

The thieves left behind no damage and no broken glass.

"The majority of them, more than likely, the cars were unlocked," said Capt. Terrell Cook with Madison Police Department.

Investigators said at least one gun was stolen out of a truck. In cases like this, police treat firearms like any other stolen property and say it helps when the owner can provide the weapon's serial number.

"That greatly increases our chances of recovering that item," Cook said. "Especially with firearms. There's an inherent danger of course with firearms being stolen."

Police have some home security video of the crimes as they happened but still want anyone else in the neighborhood to check their security footage as well.

"Even if they may not have been a victim of a crime, if they hear of something in their neighborhood, go ahead and take a look anyway," Cook said.

And more than anything, Madison police say the easiest way to keep your car from becoming a target is to lock them up, and keep valuables out of site.

Police are still investigating these incidents.