A few severe storms Wednesday afternoon could generate isolated tornadoes, high winds up to 70 mph and egg-sized hail mostly on the northeastern plains, National Weather Service forecasters in Boulder said.

Severe weather conditions are more likely the further northeast communities are located, according to the NWS forecast.

Denver is not within the severe weather area, but thunderstorms are possible in the metro area on Wednesday, the NWS said.

There is a high chance for large hail up to two inches in diameter on portions of the northern Front Range and northeastern plains, the NWS said on Wednesday.

The probability for high winds up to 70 mph is considered medium, the NWS said.

Although the chance for tornadoes is deemed low anywhere in Colorado on Wednesday, a few storms in the northeast could generate isolated tornadoes, forecasters said.

“Storms will begin to develop over the northern Front Range by 2 p.m. and spread across the far northeast plains by 6 p.m.,” the NWS said.