Sure, you could head to the usual, on-every-street-corner spots for your breakfast burritos and lunchtime sandwiches. But why do that when Denver has a surprising variety of homegrown fast-casual options, in addition to our successful chain exports?

In fact, we’d argue that the diversity of local quick-service food available around town beats the heck out of our mid-range and high-end restaurants.

Among some of our local fast-casual favorites are an assembly-line curry shop now looking to expand internationally, a modern Native American restaurant that sources directly from Native American-owned farms and reservations, a multi-generation bakery making Vietnamese coffee and French bread sandwiches, and an East Colfax cafe serving the silkiest hummus.

Here, we define fast-casual as a restaurant with counter service: walk up, order and pay, take a number, have a seat. And while there are so many more fast-casual restaurants to discover across Denver, these are 23 of the best the city has to offer right now, in no particular order.

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