DECATUR, Ala. --  Decatur High School football fans love their team, but people living on 9th Avenue near the school's stadium are frustrated with those same fans ignoring the "No Parking" signs in front of their homes.

Several residents have contacted the Decatur Police Department about the issue.

"They just told me that they would see if they had available officer they could send out but they didn't think there was anything that could be done because it was a game night," says Robert Vickery.

Another resident describes the traffic as "bumper to bumper, cars parked the wrong way, people walking down the road and they won't move." Vickery says the cars are blocking the road so much, if an emergency vehicle such as a fire truck or an ambulance needed to drive down the road, there would be no room.

Vickery mentioned a time the police gave him a ticket for reverse parking in front of his own home for only a few minutes. "When I came out the door, there was a cop already in front of my vehicle and was writing me a ticket for reverse parking, wouldn't even let my vehicle move or nothing," he says. "But yet, they're letting all them reverse park on the opposite side on game night on the road that's no parking."

The residents on 9th street all say they want the same thing -- for the "No Parking" signs to be enforced.

Decatur Police Dept. tells WHNT News 19 they are aware of the problem and will have officers out looking for cars parked illegally.

"That would be a citation and they would get a ticket for that," says Emme Long, the public information liaison. "And we are upping enforcement this weekend especially."