HUNTSVILLE, Ala. --A third-grader at Williams P-8 school got a special surprise on Friday when her dad showed up in her classroom-- after returning from a 10-month deployment.

Emmie Roberson, 8, has always loved watching YouTube videos of soldiers returning home from deployment.

"These military parents were coming home and surprising their kids at the school, so I asked my mom if she could ask my daddy if he could do it," she said.

But of course she had no idea when it would actually happen.

"When he goes to that kind of place you get scared, because it's a dangerous place," Emmie said.

Her dad, Spc. Ronald Roberson, is part of the 375th Engineer Company that arrived home from deployment on Thursday.

"Just being away from the family it takes a toll.," he said. "But you just try to keep yourself busy, busy, busy, busy."

Spc. Roberson stayed at a friend's house Thursday night so that he could surprise  Emmie Friday at school.

"She has no clue that I'm here," he said. "Like none."

The kids thought they were being filmed to talk about school pride. Emmie was called up to the front of the room... when her dad revealed himself!

"I had a feeling about something. I did!" Emmie said. "But at the same time I was excited."

When asked what she was most excited to do with her dad now that he's home, Emmie said she couldn't wait to take a family ride in his Jeep.