HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- MidCity developer RCP Companies announced new details coming to the district. Multi-floor buildings designed for office space are in the works.

RCP Companies is planning 3-5 office buildings in the area for a total of 350,000 square feet.

They say they are planning for two 60,000 square foot buildings, with 3 floors of office space on top of retail and restaurants on the ground floor. These will be in the center of the district and adjacent to the first 300-unit multi-family residential block.

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They say they are also in the design process for multiple 100,000+ square foot office buildings on the east side of the district with co-working and tech accelerator space, also with ground-floor retail and restaurants. Project Coordinator Nadia Niakossary says there's a lot of flexibility there to accommodate different types of office users and their requirements.

Niakossary says having offices at MidCity District is the perfect place for businesses to thrive. "We read a lot of studies about how better workplace experience leads to better performance so having an office space in the middle of an urban environment with amenities and a great location will recruit young talent to work for these companies," says Niakossary.

"We've had a great amount of interest so far, especially from companies that are looking for branding opportunities in order to retain their young talent and recruit the next generation workforce -- the ones that want a better workplace experience which leads to better business performance."

The first office building will open in 2020 with the rest following shortly after.