2019 has been another active weather year across the United States. The National Centers for Environmental Information (a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Associaton, aka NOAA) has determined that 2019 has already produced 10 billion dollar weather disasters as of October 8.

All of these disasters are either related to severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail, flooding, or tropical storms and hurricanes. So far, we haven’t had any winter weather events crack the billion dollar threshold yet, but that could quickly change as we head into November and December.

We have seen a recent upwards trend in the number of billion dollar disasters in the United States trend up in recent years when adjusted for the Consumer Price Index.

The NCEI says that this is the 5th consecutive year that the U.S. has seen double digit billion dollar disasters. This data does not take into account the recent fires in California, which will likely be the 11th billion dollar disaster this year. For more data on these disasters, you can visit the NCEI website on billion dollar disasters. There you can dive into the numbers with interactive graphs and map out disasters going back to 1980.


Meteorologist Alex Puckett

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