MADISON, Ala. — It has been 10 days since a confrontation outside a popular Madison gym resulted in a fatal police shooting.

Madison County Sheriff Kevin Turner told WHNT News 19 Wednesday that the results of his office’s investigation into the shooting will be turned over to the Madison County District Attorney’s Office on Thursday.

Community members have called for more information about what took place in the fatal shooting of Dana Fletcher on Oct. 27 in the parking lot near Planet Fitness off Highway 72. Fletcher’s wife, who was also in the van with their daughter when the confrontation started, said on Facebook Fletcher didn’t have a gun.

Birmingham-based attorney Benjamin Crump said he’s been retained by Fletcher’s family and that Fletcher’s wife is absolutely “certain” he was unarmed when he was confronted by police.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office told WHNT News 19 it has “irrefutable evidence” Fletcher did have a gun.

The divide has led to widespread calls for release of police body cam video from the scene. Sheriff Turner and Madison County District Attorney Rob Broussard addressed the issue during a Town Hall meeting with the Huntsville/Madison County NAACP Monday night.

Broussard said the public wasn’t entitled to the body cam video at this time. Turner addressed the question again today with WHNT.

Turner said the video is still evidence in an investigation and can’t be released. He said once the Sheriff’s Office investigation is completed, it will be up to the City of Madison and the Madison Police Department to decide if they want to release part or all of the videos, or related pictures.

Turner also said investigators have examined each piece of the incident from the 911 call to the shooting’s aftermath. They expect to provide that report to prosecutors Thursday, who will then decide if any charges are warranted.

Last Thursday, WHNT News 19 showed video taken by a bystander at the scene which showed the struggle between Fletcher and police before the fatal shots were fired. Sheriff’s Office investigators said two officers fired their weapons in the incident. Five officers were placed on administrative leave following the incident.

Fletcher family attorney Crump said Tuesday authorities should be “fully transparent” about the shooting and release video of the confrontation.

“We demand the release of all unedited law enforcement bodycam and surveillance video related to the police confrontation with Dana Fletcher, and ask for police to show proof for their public statement that Dana had a gun. This is important to restore the community’s confidence in law enforcement,” Crump said.