AUGUSTA - The Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (DACF) today announced a refresh of its core agricultural marketing program logo. DACF unveiled a modernized logo that aligns with the Department's updated strategic vision for the branding program. The logo unveiling and announcement come as thousands of agricultural producers, suppliers, and educators gather for DACFs 79th Maine Agricultural Trades Show.

The new **Real Maine** logo is the foundation of an increased marketing and advertising initiative led by DACF to generate broader awareness and interest in Maine agricultural products. Todays unveiling includes a **Real Maine** logo that broadly represents all aspects of Maine agriculture. **Real Maine** will help promote Maine-grown and produced products and the farmers and value-added processors who grow and make them.

**"We are hearing it more than ever that people are demanding more Maine-grown and made products. The word Maine" is synonymous with high-quality and integrity, said Amanda Beal, Commissioner at DACF. The goal for Real Maine is to provide a fresh logo and a smart marketing and communications campaign that opens more doors for Maine agriculture. We believe this will help galvanize more local, regional, and national demand for our agricultural products.**

Since 2001, DACFs prior get real. get Maine! branding program helped Maine-based agricultural businesses market their products directly to consumers. After extensive research into the needs of large and small producers, the DACF team is implementing its new and scalable **Real Maine** campaign with the goal of increasing consumer awareness and purchases, both within and outside the state, of Maine agricultural products.

**Director of the Bureau of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources, Nancy McBrady said, Our agricultural community voiced the need for an updated promotional campaign, and we listened. We are excited about the momentum the refreshed look will create.**

DACF's **Real Maine** logo will be recognizable in farmers markets and grocery stores, at agricultural events and trade shows, throughout Maine, New England, and nationally. In addition, an updated Real Maine website will be introduced during spring 2020, along with a comprehensive promotional strategy.


Inspired by passport stamps, which travelers accumulate on adventures, the **Real Maine** logo is a symbol representative of how people can explore, experience and connect through the range of agricultural products that are produced in Maine. To meet branding needs for different markets or package designs, there are multiple iterations of the logo that can be utilized, including one with a specialized tagline for those marketing to consumers within Maine. Together, these core branding elements exemplify the values and commitment to excellence of Maine agricultural producers.

###ABOUT DACF DACF is the State of Maine's support center for our various land-based natural-resources, including Maine agriculture, forests, and outdoor recreation. DACF helps steward Maine's 21st-century natural resource economy by supporting the creation of new jobs and businesses, improving and supporting existing land-based industries, providing public access, and streamlining regulations. DACF has a wide range of duties, from protecting the food we eat, stopping forest fires, keeping our parks and public lands pristine and accessible, planning wise land utilization, and helping beginning farmers. To explore DACF's hundreds of activities and programs, and to learn more about the Department's responsibilities, go online to:


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