HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A housing crisis left many military members and their families living in less than ideal conditions.

The Army Materiel Command at Redstone Arsenal wants to change that. In early 2019, AMC at Redstone Arsenal took control of all army housing across the nation.

Today, the AMC is hosting a summit on Redstone Arsenal with army leaders and leaders from privatized housing companies. The goal of the meeting is to look at every house in every installation across the globe to try and come up with the best solution on how to improve army housing for soldiers, civilians, and their families.

Within the last year, the AMC says they have set conditions for improvement. They will start by visiting every housing unit, establishing 24/7 housing hotlines, town halls hosted by installation leaders four times a year, and collecting resident surveys.

The majority of the housing is run by civilian companies that partner with the army to run the housing on base.

U.S Army Materiel Command Chief of Staff, General Robert Harter, says the issue wasn’t with the private housing companies but with a lack of leadership.

“The army has admitted this, we said okay it’s your problem now and commanders were not involved and were not kind of holding them accountable and we’re not serving as the conduit for our soldiers families and civilians to come to, to help solve the problem, so now that leaders are back involved the private companies understand what’s expected of them, some of the timelines and they’re doing their best to get after this problem like we are they want to do the best they can,” said General Robert Harter, the Army Materiel Command Chief of Staff.

The vision is that every installation across the US and the continental United States has everything that families need.

For now, that vision is still a work in progress.