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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. -- Majors cracks on Highway 231 in Morgan County didn't stop families from getting to school on time.

Some families were caught off guard by the closure of Highway 231 on Wednesday. The road damage caused a lot of school traffic and delay, but Friday didn't seem as bad.

"This morning everything went exceptionally well beyond our expectations," said Morgan County Schools Deputy Superintendent Lee Willis.

The expectation - to get school buses arriving on time to take kids to school.

"Most of our bus drivers began their routes 15 minutes earlier," said Willis.

Willis said there was a minor hiccup with a few buses at Brewer High School arriving 15-20 minutes late - "It was probably due to the traffic of them coming in and out on the highway with the higher traffic volume."

This week's heavy downpour of rain deteriorated the road next to Brindlee Mountain. That popular highway forced Morgan County Schools and the Alabama Department of Transportation to come up with another plan to attack the traffic issue.

"We are hearing from most people that it's not been as bad as everyone expected," said Willis.

The expectation - setting up detours north and southbound.

ALDOT already began installing mobile traffic signals throughout Morgan County because of the Highway 231 closing.

"Everyone still needs to slow down," said Willis, "take their time and try to arrive alive."

Willis said administrators monitored traffic all morning, of course, things were slower but at least it was better than yesterday.

Morgan County Schools and the Alabama Department of Transportation will be able to work out any traffic kinks in the coming days. They will have a couple of extra days to do so. Students return to the classroom on Wednesday due to President's Day and Connected Campus Day.