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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Leaders at the Madison County Sheriff's Office have spent the week trying to get their website back up and running. That's created some big problems for workers, families and inmates who were expecting to be turned loose.

It's been a week and a half of frustration for inmates, families, and workers at the Madison County jail after the jail's website went down.

“I was on the phone with like four different people last night to find out when we could get him,”  Cullman County resident  Lauren Hurst said.

The website reportedly went down the night of February 5th. Inmates and attorneys tell WHNT News 19 the jail was on lockdown on the sixth, which meant no visitors and nobody could be released.

“They racked us up and made us stay racked up and started feeding us through the bean hole in an eight-man cell,” released inmate Michael Hurst said.

“I can't imagine what it's like in there for people who've been there longer than two months,” Lauren said.

A jail roster shared by Madison County sheriff's office on Wednesday of this week showed 1,061 current inmates with another 61 booked on Thursday. As of Friday, some inmates were being released, including Michael Hurst.

“A big relief, it's a big relief,” Michael said.

“It's over an hour drive up here for us. We both had to take off work. We're just so happy we finally got him,” Lauren said.

But bail bonds workers and families say this week has been long delays, with phones down and paperwork having to be filled out by hand.

“It's either really severe and they need to bring in more people. Or they just need better people,” Lauren said.

“No idea. Somebody who's really good with computers,” Michael said.

WHNT News 19 asked leaders at the Madison County Sheriff's Office about the issue. So far, none of them have been willing to comment on what exactly caused the website to go down or how much longer it'll be before they get it back up and running.

In a statement shared on Friday afternoon, Madison County sheriff Kevin Turner said, "As a CALEA accredited agency we pride ourselves in the high level of professional service we provide to the community, and we will continue to operate and hold ourselves to that high standard."